Let's begin.

Graz has four letters.

Graz created the Mongolian rider.

Mongolia Is in Asia

So is Bangladesh

Bangladesh has green on it's flag

green is the colour of the dollar and the dollar is illuminati


SunnyKhan has the power of snickers

Mr T advertises Snikers

T is the the 20th letter in the alphabet

Sunny has 5 letters


There is 1 eye in the illuminati and three sides on it


SunnyKhan Is Illuminati


Write down your illuminati discoveries here!


Ukraine has 7 letters and Emartis has the Same amount of letters

Mapping also Has 7 letters

Emartis is a mapper

Did Emartis go back intime to Create ukraine, lets find out

The Begining 2 letters are U and k

Uk stands for the United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland

More commonly known as england

England has 7 letters just like ukraine

The english accent is Simmular to the ukranian accent

Ukraine is in europe

Europe has 6 letters and 6-7=1

the illuminati has 1 eye

Ukraine is illuminati confirmed

and We now know Emartis Created england and Ukraine.

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