Mappermemes in Mappermemonia/Memerdonia have their own ranks. Here is the list of ranks by the most N00b to most MLG.

  1. Total N00b- A person that is either unregistered on wikia, or with 0 edits. These people have minimum rights, and their ask for ChatMod or Admin is answered by kick (if kicked three times, two hours ban from chat).
  2. An average gif- Most gifs are unknown, or less known. This person is like an average gif- maybe unknown, maybe known. But he is as far to becoming admin as far is an average gif to become viral, or even a meme.
  3. Mappermeme- A typical person that is known throughout the wikia. He does not have to use a meme profile picture. Still a long way to becoming ChatMod, though.
  4. Rick Astley- A person that everybody loves, and no one will ever dare to question his memeosity. He is not a ChatMod though, and if one of the MLG Lords decides to install a new chatmod, he goes for Astley.
  5. MLG Quickscoper- This person is a ChatMod, that can kick (or rarely ban), scientifically ''Quickscope''. He is far to becoming admin, but he can help people with their problems, or even edit OM (Official Mappermeme) pages. You can become a MLG Quickscoper by being chosen as worthy by an MLG Lord, or you just had the luck to be one of the first to ever join this wikia.
  6. Joint- This person is an admin. He has a knowledge about international memes, and can ban, kick, remove and protect pages. Not everyone can become a Joint- he needs to create at least one custom Meme picture (E.g. Forever Grazlone). Being Joint is a maximum privilege, and a betrayal by Joint is punished by a block for a week.
  7. MLG Lord- This person needs to have at least 25 edits, their own Official Mappermeme, and a very stable reputation with another MLG Lord. MLG Lords have the rank of admins, but they have also the rights of a Bureaucrat. (Forever Grazlone is the only Bureaucrat MLG Lord, with EmprorCunningcakes as the lesser MLG Lord.)
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