Here is a new,exciting map game where you try to conquer Africa by Lisastr67.






DR Congo-Gerrard






Namibia-West Trio

Somalia-East trio

You can annex as big as Ghana+Togo,occupy as much as CAR in a turn if you have enough army

Game Creator:Lisastr67

NPC Event Maker: Lenny


NPC Events: Ebola spreads to Senegal and Gambia,But its cured in Liberia.

A Civil war breaks out in Mozambique between the old government and the fascists.



Nigeria:Nigeria defeats Boko Haram and makes major improvements to infrastructure.Nigerian scientists start to woek on the first Nigerian drone and satellite. Nigeria increases its active military to 200000 and passive to 120000 via recruits.Nigeria annexes Benin with the help of Yoruba people and Togo.

People's Republic Of Mali: A communist government takes control in Mali, and they immediately begin to spread their influence in West Africa. They issue an ultimatum to the Ivory Coast. Demanding a government aligned with Mali is put into place, and that Mali can occupy the Northern part of the country. This demand, of course, is refused and Mali declare war. The invasion is swift and easy, by the end of the year, the forces have taken Daloa, and are beginning to siege the capital, Yamoussoukro. Meanwhile, the government tries to increase the economy to keep up with other, more advanced, nations, this objective, however, isn't being achieved as fast as it was initially hoped for, many blame the recent war for this and it is encouraged to end the war soon, hopefully by the summer of the next year. The leader of the communist government (Aziza Sanura) officially declares the people's republic of Mali on November 3rd 2016.

Nation's Statistics (December 31st):

Economy (GDP) (converted to US dollars): 10,973

Military Power: 8,224 soldiers in army

50 soldiers in navy

445 in the Air Force

Government: Communist (Aziza Sanura as head of state)

Algeria: annexes Tunisia, and greatly makes the economy higher.

Tanzania: Tanzania is currently trying to stop poverty in the country by help from the USA. Tanzania gets their troops ready for the war with Kenya. Tanzania also tries to keep their economy stable and not land into bankruptcy. The Tanzanians have an alliance with both Algeria and Nigeria. Then, after that, Tanzania declares war on Kenya. With Kenya not having a strong army unlike Tanzania, They get very close to Nairobi very fast. They conquered Nairobi just during a week during the war but Kenya won't give up. Half of Kenya is occupied by Tanzania and Kenya surrenders during 3 weeks, 2 days in the war. TREATY OF CAIRO: All of Southern Kenya (excluding Nairobi) is seceded to Tanzania. Kenya will have to pay 1 billion dollars to Tanzania for damages. The Tanzanian government are thinking of an Tanzanian Puppet of Kenya. There was no PUBLIC indecation of an Tanzanian Puppet of Kenya... yet.

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